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Lausanne to Geneva Airport Taxi Transfer for a business man with private driver
chauffeur opening the door to take passenger to Geneva Airport
Businesswoman getting airport taxi transfer to Geneva airport
Lausanne to Geneva Airport Mercedes Benz Taxi Private Transfer Switzerland

Taxi service

Want an alternative to an Uber or taxi in Switzerland?

We sell transfers in luxury vehicles from just 80 CHF with a choice of airport taxi, limousine, private driver or chauffeur services that can take you to or from the airport, your hotel or other destinations in Switzerland.

taxi to the airport

Want a taxi transfer to the airport? Our expert private drivers and chauffeurs are a better choice compared to a standard taxi driver.

We make it easy to seamlessly travel to or from major airports like Geneva, Zurich or Lausanne from any hotel, home, or business located in Switzerland.

Enjoy a stress-free journey, with comfort and reliability as our utmost priority. Book your transfer now and experience the epitome of convenience and luxury with our exceptional transportation services.

airport taxi TRANSFERs

Swiss Taxi Private Transfers can drive you to your choice of airport in Switzerland with availability 24 hours a day. Our airport taxi transfers can pick up and drop off between any location including a home, office, hotel or tourist destination in Switzerland.

Our fleet of luxury vehicles can carry between two and seven people with very affordable rates from just 80 CHF and a choice of sedan, luxury car or minivan to get to major airports.

Aerial view of Leman lake - Geneva city in Switzerland


Travel effortlessly to or from Geneva Airport in a luxurious private vehicle. Experience comfort and style as we cater to your hotel, business, or home transportation needs.

From 80 CHF

Taxi transfer to Zurich airport


Embrace opulence with our private vehicle transfer service to Zurich Airport. Enjoy a lavish ride between the airport and your hotel, business, or home in Switzerland.

From 80 CHF

Taxi transfer to Luasanne airport


Experience seamless transfers with our luxury private vehicle service to Lausanne Airport. Travel in comfort and sophistication from your hotel, business, or home any time of day.

From 80 CHF

Taxi transfer to Payerne airport


Indulge in a premium private vehicle transfer to Payerne Airport. Enjoy a lavish journey to or from your hotel, business, or home in Switzerland with 24 hour booking availability.

From 80 CHF

Taxi transfer to Sion airport


Discover convenience and elegance with our private vehicle service to Sion Airport. Experience luxury travel between the airport and your hotel, business, or home.

From 80 CHF

Every traveller visiting Switzerland wants a hassle free and easy journey that is why Swiss Taxi Private Transfers has experienced drivers that can cater for your needs when arriving or departing. Our reliable, efficient service is available 24 hours whether you need a warm welcome at the airport or a pick up from your hotel. We make sure very ride is smooth as you travel in our luxury vehicles with a guarantee of impeccable punctuality.

Our personalised service provides optimal comfort when travelling in your choice of vehicle, fixed cost booking fees and simple pre-booking available online for a hassle-free airport or hotel transfer experience.

taxi to a hotel

Want a taxi to your hotel in Switzerland from the airport? Our private taxi drivers will wait for your arrival, carry your bags & drive you straight to your hotel.

We make it easy to seamlessly travel to hotels like Beau Rivage, Fairmont Hotels and Resorts,Hyatt Hotels , Hotel W, Hotel Four Seasons or Hotel Mandarin Oriental for example.

Enjoy the luxury of getting collected after a long flight and driven in comfort. Booking a hotel transfer in Switzerland is so easy and the epitome of convenience with our exceptional transportation services.

Private taxi transfer vehicles

Swiss Taxi Private Transfers is a company that specialises in private transfers from major airports like Geneva to cities, hotels or tourist destinations in Switzerland. We can also provide a private driver for the day, chauffeur service or limousine rental in Switzerland that all use our fleet of private luxury vehicles including models from Mercedes Benz with sedans or minivans that can carry up to seven people with luggage.

Standard vehicle for airport taxi transfer, private driver, chauffeur service in Switzerland

Experience comfortable journeys with our 3-seat standard vehicle that is ideal for hotel, airport or city trips. Get a comfy ride & great value for money.

From 80 CHF

Mercedes E Class Swiss Taxi Private Transfers going to the airport

Unleash luxury and performance with our 3-seat E-Class vehicle. Perfect for hotel/airport transfers, elevating your travel experience in comfort & style.

From 100 CHF

Mercedes S Class Swiss Taxi Private Transfers going to the airport

Embrace opulence in our 2-seat S-Class vehicle. Hotel/airport transfers redefined with unparalleled comfort, prestige & amazing leg room.

From 150 CHF

Mercedes V Class Swiss Taxi Private Transfers going to the airport

Discover versatility in our 7-seat V-Class vehicle. Spacious and efficient for hotel, city or airport trips, accommodating all your needs to travel.

From 120 CHF

what's included in every booking?

Airport meet and greet taxi transfer service in Switzerland

For every single booking our focus is providing a personal service that begins with the moment we meet you. Our drivers will personally meet and greet you at the airport, hotel or your home to begin your journey in one of our vehicles.

We don’t charge extra for this type of service, it is what we do every single time, every single booking. 

That is our promise.

Meet and

Fixed price

Door to door
pick up


Experienced &
professional drivers


Free bottles
of water



day bookings


Any location
in Switzerland

amazing reviews

We have received lots of great reviews about our airport taxi transfers, private drivers and chauffeur services in Switzerland. Here are a few & you can see the originals on our Google Business profile

Yes you can you pay someone to drive you around in Switzerland. If you are searching for the epitome of luxury travel and unparalleled convenience in Switzerland then Swiss Taxi Private Transfers, your trusted partner in delivering a world-class private transportation experience. With a team of professional chauffeurs, we offer an array of exquisite services, including private driver services in Geneva, daily chauffeur services, and taxi transfers to and from Geneva Airport and beyond. Whether you’re a leisure traveler, a busy executive, or anyone looking for a personal driver in Geneva, our commitment to excellence and sophistication will elevate your journey to extraordinary heights.

Excellence Redefined:

At Swiss Taxi Private Transfers, excellence is at the heart of everything we do. With a legacy of service that speaks of our dedication, we have become synonymous with luxury and professionalism in the Swiss transportation industry. Our fleet of meticulously maintained vehicles, driven by experienced and courteous chauffeurs, ensures that each moment of your journey is an unforgettable experience. From the first point of contact to your final destination, expect nothing short of excellence.

Private Driver Geneva:

Experience the epitome of luxury and personalization with our private driver services in Geneva. Whether you’re arriving at the airport or looking for seamless transportation within the city, our professional private drivers are at your service. Sit back, relax, and allow our drivers to navigate the city’s charming streets while you indulge in the comfort of our premium vehicles.

Driver to Geneva to Lausanne Airport:

Need a swift and efficient transfer from Geneva to Lausanne Airport or vice versa? Our taxi services have got you covered. With Swiss Taxi Private Transfers, you can bid farewell to the hassle of public transportation and enjoy a seamless journey between these two vibrant cities. Our skilled taxi drivers in Geneva prioritize your safety and punctuality, ensuring you reach your destination with time to spare.

Daily Driver Services:

Elevate your daily travels with our exclusive daily chauffeur services. Whether it’s commuting to business meetings, exploring the Swiss countryside, or running errands in style, our professional chauffeurs are here to cater to your every need. Enjoy the luxury of having your dedicated chauffeur at your disposal, providing you with an unmatched level of comfort and efficiency.

Swiss Airport Transfer Driver:

Swiss Taxi Private Transfers is your go-to choice for seamless and stress-free airport transfers across Switzerland. With an extensive network of services covering major airports, including Geneva Airport, we guarantee a smooth and timely transition from the terminal to your desired destination. Start or end your journey with the utmost comfort and convenience, and let our experienced chauffeurs take care of the rest.

VIP Driver Service in Geneva:

For those seeking an exclusive and indulgent experience, our VIP chauffeur service in Geneva is designed to meet the most discerning demands. Catering to high-profile clients, dignitaries, and individuals who demand the finest, we go above and beyond to ensure absolute privacy, personalized attention, and a touch of opulence in every aspect of your journey.

Looking for a Personal Driver in Geneva, Switzerland?

Your search for the perfect personal driver ends here. Swiss Taxi Private Transfers offers tailored solutions to meet your specific requirements. Whether you need a one-time service or a long-term arrangement, we’re here to match you with the ideal personal driver, one who embodies professionalism, discretion, and a passion for impeccable service. Swiss Taxi Private Transfers invites you to embark on a journey like no other – a journey where luxury, convenience, and excellence converge. Whether you need a private driver in Geneva, a taxi to Geneva Airport, or daily chauffeur services, our commitment to exceeding your expectations remains unwavering. Embrace a travel experience that will leave you with cherished memories and a desire to return. Your extraordinary Swiss adventure awaits!

Yes you can hire a driver in Switzerland. Are you ready to explore the majestic beauty of Switzerland without the constraints of public transportation or the hassle of self-driving? Swiss Taxi Private Transfers presents an exclusive chauffeur service that grants you the liberty to hire a professional driver in Switzerland for a day or many days, ensuring an opulent and seamless travel experience like no other. With our fleet of luxury vehicles available 24/7, we take pride in providing top-notch transportation services, tailored to take you to the airport, your hotel, or any destination you desire within major tourist hotspots in Switzerland.

Your Personal Swiss driver:

At Swiss Taxi Private Transfers, we understand that each traveler seeks a unique and personalized journey. Whether you’re a solo adventurer, a family on vacation, or a group of friends exploring the Swiss wonders, our chauffeur service is designed to cater to your specific needs and desires. Our experienced and professional drivers are your personal Swiss guides, well-versed in local knowledge, and committed to providing you with an exceptional and unforgettable experience.

Hire a Driver in Switzerland for a Day or Many Days:

Say goodbye to rigid travel itineraries and embrace the freedom of exploring Switzerland at your own pace. With our flexible chauffeur service, you have the liberty to hire a driver for a single day or multiple days, adapting your journey to your unique preferences and interests. Create memories that will last a lifetime as you embark on your dream Swiss adventure, accompanied by your private chauffeur who will be at your service throughout your chosen period.

Luxury Vehicles, Uncompromising Comfort:

Indulge in the finest of travel experiences with our exquisite fleet of luxury vehicles. From sleek sedans to spacious SUVs, each vehicle in our collection exudes elegance and sophistication, ensuring that your journey is nothing short of a lavish affair. Enjoy the smooth ride, recline in the plush interiors, and relish the awe-inspiring landscapes as you traverse through the picturesque Swiss countryside.

Uninterrupted 24/7 Service:

We understand that travel is not bound by time or schedule, and neither should your transportation service be. Swiss Taxi Private Transfers operates around the clock, seven days a week, to cater to your every travel need. Whether you require an early morning transfer to the airport, a late-night ride back to your hotel, or a full-day excursion to explore Switzerland’s iconic destinations, our dedicated team and drivers are available to serve you at any hour.

Airport Transfers with a Touch of Luxury:

Your journey to Switzerland begins the moment you step off the plane. Our airport transfer service ensures a smooth and seamless transition from the airport to your hotel or any destination of your choice. Experience the convenience of having a personal chauffeur waiting to greet you upon your arrival, ready to escort you to your chosen location in absolute comfort and style.

Explore Major Tourist Destinations in Switzerland:

Swiss Taxi Private Transfers is your gateway to discovering Switzerland’s most captivating tourist destinations. From the charming streets of Zurich to the snow-capped peaks of the Swiss Alps, our experienced drivers will take you to renowned landmarks, serene lakes, and hidden gems that showcase the true essence of this captivating country. Immerse yourself in the beauty of Switzerland, knowing that your chauffeur is on standby to accommodate your every whim and aspiration.

Your Journey, Your Way:

With Swiss Taxi Private Transfers, your journey is entirely in your hands. Revel in the freedom of creating a custom itinerary, embarking on spontaneous detours, and indulging in the most scenic routes. Your private driver in Switzerland will be delighted to offer suggestions and insider tips, but the final decision lies with you, ensuring a personalized and unforgettable experience tailored to your desires.

Experience Swiss Luxury and Freedom:

Swiss Taxi Private Transfers invites you to unlock the true essence of Switzerland, where luxury meets freedom, and every moment of your journey is a celebration of elegance and convenience. Whether you seek a single-day escapade or an extended exploration, our commitment to delivering excellence in service remains unwavering.

Embark on a Swiss adventure like no other with Swiss Taxi Private Transfers. Hire a driver in Switzerland, and let us accompany you on an extraordinary voyage through this picturesque wonderland.